About us

He made the first spice mix (the original) and gave some out to test; I loved it, for it worked on everything! I kept asking for more.      
  A few months later, made me some jerk chicken with his new recipe and I couldn't keep these flavors to myself any longer. I started talking it up to whomever would listen and had samples so, I gave taste tests.  Many wanted some of their own and that's how we got started.   
    K-spice got it's debut because of 2 professional cooks; one with amazing taste buds who can mix flavors to wake up your senses; and one who loved them, tried them on everything and couldn't stop talking about it.
  We launched with 3 flavors, ( original, original extra hot and jerk) less than a year later, developed into 9 mouth watering spicy, savory, timeless spice blends!
                                                   Kareem & Josianne